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ALFRED Maritime GmbH is a digital venture, established in 2019 and located in Hamburg, Germany. Our small and highly specialized team digitalises modern ships by means of internet of things and artificial intelligence. You may think of us at ALFRED as the butlers, who provide not only the data, but also the intelligence, for the greener next generation maritime vessels.

At ALFRED, we are all living and breathing the Agile spirit, and we really believe our strength lies in the individuals and team interactions. We commit ourselves to continuous software production cycle and fast shipment of high quality products. We are rewarded when we are able to validate your hypotheses with the end customers.

Sounds interesting? Perfect! We are currently looking for skilled individuals, so go ahead and check out our Careers!



Our mission is to ensure that the modern ships are not only built as energy efficient as possible, but also operated in the most sustainable way possible.



We are continuously looking for highly skilled individuals who have a big drive to innovate and invent something completely new for a better tomorrow! Please see currently open positions below.

Your dream job not listed above? Don’t worry, if you feel that you would be a valuable team member feel free to contact Tatiana to make us understand why we need you!



ALFRED Maritime GmbH
COO/Product Owner Jukka Ignatius
Schlossstrasse 8e
22041 Hamburg
+49 40 809 081 272